November 12, 2018

Top 20 Holiday Gift Guide 2018

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My 2018 Must-Haves!

The holidays are just around the corner! I’ve been brainstorming some of my favorite products this year and came up with this list of 20 must-haves! From household, to beauty, to photography and more.

The list ranges from $5-$100 so most are budget-friendly! These are products I can’t live without… Let’s get movin’ onto the list! Enjoy!

Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast

This has truly changed the game! I’ve got thick hair as it is but my roots fall flat… This is an amazing product that’s not sticky and easily brushes out but gives your roots great volume! Check it out in stores at Ulta to potentially get the gift package that includes a sleeping mask for FREE!

Fenty Beauty Lip Bomb

This little one has become an every day favorite in my makeup bag. It’s so moisturizing, and looks amazing on it’s own. It’s universal so it looks great on every skin tone. It’s a natural sparkle with a touch of hydration. Definitely worth the price of $18!


Finding Freedom

I personally don’t own this yet, however I’ve heard great reviews about this as a devotional and it’s written by two phenomenal women! Alyssa Bethke is a mom of 3 (she just had a precious baby girl last week!), wife to Jeff Bethke, author of Jesus > Religion, and is an inspirational Godly woman all around. Sadie Robertson is 21 years old, travels around the country on tour preaching the gospel and is the daughter of the one and only, Willie Robertson. This devotional can also be purchased with their videos explaining into more detail!

Raw Sugar Body Wash and Hand Soap

Image result for raw sugar soap

O.M.G. My older sister introduced me to this brand and wow… not only is the smell amazing but it’s natural, moisturizing, AND they donate a bar of soap to someone in need with every purchase! I have the body wash and hand wash. The body wash is a little more expensive, however, you really only need a dime-size amount. It’s very bubbly and lathers well. You can find their products at Target! Just look for the bamboo cap!


Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette


Definitely a little late to the game with this palette but I’ve loved it the last few months! The price ($38) can’t be beat for how many quality colors you get. Love how it comes with metallic and matte shades. It’s beautiful!

Old Navy Double Strap Sandals

These are such durable shoes for only $15 at Old Navy! The shoes are a bit tight when you try them on at first but they loosen up after a while. They go with pretty much every outfit! And they pass the Disney test… you know… after you walk 1,000 miles at Disney… you still don’t get blisters.

Miracle by Lancome Perfume

Image result for miracle by lancome

Wow this perfume is AMAZING. It is not a fruity smell (I’ve never been a fan of that). It’s more elegant! It actually runs in my family LOL. My mom goes through two bottles a year and has used it for years! When my sister and I grew up, we would sneak some spritz every once in a while because we loved the smell so much. Last Christmas, our dad gifted us our own bottle! Time for a new one this Christmas!

She Reads Truth Bible

Image result for she reads truth bible

This bible is amazing! The hardcover is durable and large so it has space for taking notes and doodling verses. Each book has a lovely design as you can see above in the very front. It has great references in the back such as maps of what the land looked like back then. Very informative! It also comes in multiple colors!

CJLA Gift Card


I could go on and on and on about this lovely online store. They’re all about having comfortable, high quality, fashionable basic clothes that go together to make up a capsule closet. Capsule Closet meaning you have less clothing but a ton of outfits because everything goes together! Their Basics line is hands-down the BEST clothing I’ve ever put on my body. It’s all made in Los Angeles and made out of bamboo. Mmmmm love love love.

The top 5 pieces I recommend are:

  1. ANY Stella Dress
  2. Annie Kimono
  3. The “Cason” Taupe
  4. CJ’s Favorite Swing Dress
  5. Sailor Kimono

Check out their Instagram!

Herringbone Leather Camera Hand Strap


If you know a photographer or are one, for sure pick yourself up one of these on Amazon form under $40! It saves your neck during a wedding and just feels right. Easily slide your hand through and the grip is great. They come in multiple colors as well!

Zenni Optical Clear Glasses

I’ve gotten so many compliments on these glasses! They’re durable, clear and so darn cute! The best part… they’re $6.95!!!! Prescription!! Not a drill… it’s the real deal. This website offers hundreds of styles for glasses and sunglasses for a great price. You can also add on a blue light blocker if you work on the computer all day, anti-smudge, anti-glare… all that fun stuff. They also will replace any glasses that break within 30 days but you shouldn’t worry about that. I’ve gotten 10 pairs from them over the years and only ever had a problem with one frame. Can’t recommend them enough!

Target Brass Circular Mirror

This gem of a mirror completely changed the look of my bathroom after taking out the boring square one. It adds a little something to every room and it looks great when used for a double vanity. Don’t wait for it to go on sale because even when it does, they only take $2-$3 off.

Emily Henderson_Target_Makeover_Nanny Suprise_Happy_Modern_Traditional_Eclectic_Makeover_Blue_Pink_Living Room_14

Pink Household Tool Kit

One word for this… USEFUL! As women, we don’t really have too many tools laying around so this kit covers you for most household projects. My old roommate, Leslie, can attest to the fact that I asked her to use hers almost every day as I’m always redoing something in the apartment. Thankfully, my dad offered to buy me my own kit while we were at Target one day and I’m so thankful! It’s got a hammer, small power drill, nails, pliers, etc. And it’s only $29.99!


Carly Jean from CJLA inspired me this year with her amazing looking cheeseboards so I went out and got one and love it! It’s a super cute way to serve some finger food at a party or to have a picture-perfect picnic at a park. Follow Carly Jean on Instagram here to be inspired by her cheeseboard-ing skills.

Cash Envelopes

If you know of someone who wants to stick to a budget or you want to give them a nudge to create a budget, Dave Ramsay’s cash envelope system is a perfect starting point. This Etsy shop has darling envelopes of a bunch of different styles and they’re laminated so they last!

PINK BOHO Laminated Cash Envelopes

*Not all images in this post are my own*



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